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Date: Tue, 15 Sep 98 22:59:22 CDT
From: MER FlashBack <MER@middleeast.org>
Subject: Differences Between Labor and Likud - MER FlashBack
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Rajoub being used to make Arafat succumb: Further pushing Palestinians into civil war is real goal

Editorial, Mid-East Realities,
30 August 1997

No matter what one thinks of Yasser Arafat and his regime; no matter how much one laments the unprecedented levels of corruption, incompetence, and thugishness; there are important new realities that need to be taken into consideration as well.

Whereas the previous Labor government thought they could use and manipulate Arafat and his associates, eventually possibly setting up a rump Palestinian State under their control—one that would in reality have Palestinians on Reservations or Bantustans but which could be trumpeted nonetheless as self-determination allowing Israel to establish closer relations with the Arab regimes and create a New Middle East—Likud is a bit different.

Likud prefers to not only undermine Palestinian independence but to undermine even the illusions that Labor preferred to promote.

Likud is essentially giving Arafat and company this basic choice: either fully cooperate with Israel, and with the Hashemite regime in Jordan, bring the Palestinian population under full control, quash Hamas and all opposition, and in return administer autonomously your population centers with Israel's blessings and support...or maybe we'll decide we don't really need you.

In order to cajole and squeeze Arafat even further then he is already compromised, the Israelis are using a variety of new pressures:

1) Millions promised Arafat are being transferred more slowly—a symbolic showing that the Arafat regime is totally dependent on the Israelis no matter what Arafat says in public.

2) The U.S. Congress has again closed the PLO office in Washington -- a symbolic warning that Israel can change US policy toward Arafat if it wants to.

3) Private Arafat bank accounts, once secret and holding hundreds of millions of dollars under Arafat's personal control, are no longer accessible without specific Israeli approval; there is even some anxiety Arafat might one day try to flee into exile again in an effort to rebuilt his image and free himself from an increasingly dangerous situation.

4) One of Arafat's most senior associates is being rumored as a possible rival and successor—whether these rumors reflect actual Israeli policies at this time or are disinformation designed to put greater pressure on Arafat, is debatable. Rajoub, one of the top Arafat intelligence operatives widely known for his brutish style, is being manipulated as a threat to Arafat's personal rule—a way of telling the Chairman he's not indispensable and better do what he's told or else. It is known that Rajoub has visited the U.S. a number of times in recent years and that he has developed close relations with the both CIA and Israeli intelligence.

5) The Israelis have even leaked news stories that hit squads— similar to those of the 1970s which assassinated quite of number of PLO personalities in Europe and the Middle East—have again been secretly established and that should fighting break out between the Israeli Army and Arafat's Palestinian Authority they could be used. Again a means of further squeezing and frightening Arafat.

6) All the while Israeli settlement expansion, coupled with demolition of Palestinian housing, continues with the goal of further weakening and discrediting Arafat while making anything even approximating a real Palestinian State impossible.

Partly in order to foil Labor plans to push forward with Arafat toward a rump Palestinian State when they come back to power—something the Americans and many influential American Jews close to the Clinton Administration are desperate to bring about—Likud policy is extremely Machiavellian.

If they can cajole and force Arafat to destroy Hamas and all Palestinian opposition—preferably through a Palestinian civil war that devastates Palestinian society—fine indeed. The Israelis have been trying to quash the Intifada, demoralize the Palestinians, and bring about Palestinian acquiesce to Israeli rule and acceptance of autonomy for decades. Likud, even Ariel Sharon who is masterminding much that is going on these days, is not beyond embracing Arafat as their own under such circumstances. Even though many independent writers and analysts—Noam Chomky and Edward Said among them—have very persuasively outlined how Arafat has been already been twisted into a collaborator, this hasn't gone far enough for the Sharon-wing of Israeli politics now in charge.

It may be though that Netanyahu and Sharon have made the decision in fact that Arafat lacks the strength and/or the ability to fully control Palestinian society, and that it would be too dangerous to leave him in place to work with Labor again toward the devilishly seductive deal of a Palestinian State—even if it would be more Apartheid-like than independent. Either way the Israelis are now positioned to get Arafat to agree to their terms in a kind of new post-Oslo reformulation, or alternatively to bring about Arafat's demise leaving the Palestinians politically leaderless or with strong-man Rajoub brought to power in anticipation he will be even more ruthless and corrupt, destroying all Palestinian opposition so long as power and money are centralized in his hands.