The history of the Six-Day War
(June 1967)

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USS Liberty: Did Israel commit one war crime to hide another?
By James M. Ennes, Jr., The Washington Post Report on Middle East Affairs, May/June 1996. Israel lied about the circumstances of its attack on the USS Liberty during the Six-Day War. Why did Israel engage in an unprovoked planned attack? Was it to prevent the ship from reporting the impending invasion of the Golan Heights? Or was it to hide the mass murder of Egyptian POWs in El Arish, carried out in view of the Liberty?
Truths about the Six-Day War: U.S. CIA & military secretly helped Israelis
Mid-East Realities, 11 June 1997. The lies and distortions about the Six Day War. Likelihood that the US CIA in cooperation with Mossad, targeted President Nasser and other anti-American leaders. Nasser's death may have been one of the CIA's greatest and most secret successes.
Twists and turns of standoff
By Gwynne Dyer, DAWN, 24 June 2002. The Israeli victory was a calamity for both sides in the War. Like most other countries, Israel was built on land previously occupied by somebody else; no big deal, historically speaking. By 1967, the point reached of accomodation. While the 1967 victory could have been the basis of a just peace, the overhelming victory instead led to a policy of Israeli expansion.