The Sharm el-Sheikh and Cairo Summits
in October 2000

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The Sharm el-Sheikh Summit, October 2000

The Middle East conflict is not a battle between good and evil but between right and right
By Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian, 18 October 2000. The leaders had spent 28 hours arguing, shouting and finally negotiating in Sharm el-Sheikh - but the people they represent took just minutes to deliver their response as each side resorted to violence. Ordinary Palestinians and Israelis, and their defenders outside the region, are returning to the old, cold positions. Logic of Oslo never fully accepted by either side.
Arafat and CIA help Shinbet snatch 8 from Ramallah
Mid-East Realities, 19 October 2000. It's rather transparent now that the main result of the Sharm el-Sheikh summit is increasingly close cooperation between the Israeli Shinbet, the secret services of Yasser Arafat's regime, and the CIA. That's how the violence is going to be stopped, and controlled.
Green light to slaughter: The secret agreements are what are important
Professor Tanya Reinhart, Mid-East Realities, 19 October 2000. In the Sharm-al-Sheikh summit last week, Barak got from the US his green light to slaughter. To judge by the Israeli media, what we have seen so far is just the prelude, for next week, Israel will have to consider taking the initiative, rather than merely responding to events.

The Arab Summit in Cairo, 21-22 October 2000

Saudi Arabia Urges Arabs To Cut Ties With Israel
Agence France-Presse, Saturday 21 October 2000. Saudi Prince Abdullah said, Faced with Israeli intransigence and the failure of the international community to apply a break on Israel, it is normal that we should break all relations with the Jewish state and cut any type of relation set up in favour of the peace process.
Arab states prepare to back Palestinians
By Ross Runn, Sydney Morning Herald, 21 October 2000. The Arab world is poised to declare strong solidarity with the Palestinians in their fight against Israel, while warning that the conflict must not plunge the entire region into war. Egypt backed U.S. recommendation for a moderation.
Main points of the Arab summit final statement
AFP, 22 October 2000. The main points of the two-day emergency summit in Cairo. These included breaking ties with Israel, support for the Intifada, financial aid for Palestinians, etc.