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Below is a list of the South Asia related URLs that I have found over the last few months. I am posting them to the entire list because I thought they might be of interest to other subscribers. Please excuse the length and format of this posting. Each of the URLs is followed by a brief description (actually the label each one has on the web pages I maintain). I hope this info. is of some use. Please feel free to cross-post to other South Asia related lists if you wish.

Darren Tovey

General Info. on South Asian Region :

South Asia Gopher (Columbia Univ.)
South Asia Graduate Research Journal (SAGAR)
Jain Web Page
Trikone (Gay and Lesbian South Asian Info.)
South Asian Literature
Review of Bitnet/Internet Lists for South Asia (ANU,Australia)

India Information :

India Research Info. Resources (ANU, Australia)
Indian WWW Infoservers and Libraries Register (AIT, Thailand)
India Information Page - mainly tourism (Clemson Univ.,USA)
India - Usenet & other sources (Stanford Univ.,USA)
India files FTP archive (,USA)
Software Technology Park (Hyderabad) Home Page
The Batish Institute of Indian Music and Fine Arts (USA)
Indian Classical Music NetSources Register (GNN, USA)
India Related Web Stuff
Embassy of India (Washington D.C.,USA)
Hindi Lang. Instruction (Univ. of Penn.,USA)
Indology Mailing List Archive
Web India (Business and Services links)

Indian Cities Information :

Bangalore -
Calcutta -
Goa -
Mysore -

Some NGOs working in India :
ASHA: An action group for basic education in India
Child Relief and You (CRY)
GURUKUL - The Teacher's Family
SEVA Foundation`darshan/SEEDS/
Sustainable Economic & Educational Development Society (SEEDS)

Pakistan Information :
Pakistan Information Page (Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.,USA)
Pakistan Student Association (Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.,USA)
Pakistan - Usenet & other sources (Stanford Univ.,USA)
Pakistan files FTP archives (,USA)

Bangladesh Information :
Bangladesh Information Page (Univ. of Delaware, USA)

Sri-Lanka Information :

Sri Lank Home Pages at -
Cardiff Univ. -
Stanford -
Sri Lanka - Usenet & other sources (Stanford Univ.,USA)

Nepal Information :
Nepal Home Page (Dartmouth College, USA)
Nepal files FTP archive (, USA)

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