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From: "P. K. Murphy" <bi008@FREENET.TORONTO.ON.CA>
Subject: Worker Education - Pakistan

I learned of the Education Centre, Lahore, Pakistan, through its support for a recent carpet workers' strike.

PK Murphy
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Date: Sun, 1 Jun 1997 01:58:40 +0000
From: Education Foundation <>
Subject: Re: Support for our cause

Education Foundation, Pakistan

From Farooq Tariq, Secretary. 1 June, 1997

Dear Mr. P. K. Merphy

Thank you for your Email message.

Here is a brief introduction of our work in Pakistan.

Education Foundation is an organisation committed to the uplift of the ordinary people of Pakistan. It was established in 1994. With the help of individual donations and organised sector, it has established It is run by a democraticaly elected body mainly from the trade unions.

1- Pakistan Trade Union Resource Center, a center that provides, information, training, facilities in printing, composing, fax, Email, sound system, conference hall (capacity 200), photocopy and telephone to the non government and trade unions on non commercial basis.

2- Union Schools For Working Children, 300 working children are coming every evening for few hours to get basic education. 10 teachers are working at three different areas of Lahore at present. A practical way to raise the question of child labour in Pakistan.

3- Union Adult Literacy Campaign, 10 schools will be open in August this year for those members of the unions who can not read and write. At present a training workshop is being held in our Center for the training of the probable teachers.

4- Weekly Peoples Press, a trade union paper will be printed from August this year. At present we are printing a monthly paper.

If you would like to have more information about our activities, please contact us. We can send you a brochure in English about our activities. The whole purpose to write all this to you to inform about our activities and to seek possible ways of cook-house in future. If any one want to visit us in Lahore we will be very happy.

If you can rais our activities any where and who are willing to help us in any way we will be very pleased.

Yours Fraternally,

Farooq Tariq
Secretary Education Foundation

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