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The Resolution on Call to the Asian People

Founding Convention of Democratic Workers Party, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 29th May 1998 (passed unanimously by the 215 delegates)

We, the delegates of the founding convention of the Democratic Workers Party, Bangladesh express our warn greeting to all the organisations and people of Asia who share the same concern that the destructive politics of the IMF and the World Bank has been the curse for millions and millions of people in each and every country of Asia. The globalisation and free market economy has opened the door of our continents for those who are plundering our countries.

Therefore, this convention strongly holds the opinion that the struggle against the globalisation and deregulation is international and that is why the convention regards the foundation of the Democratic Workers Party is not the end, but a beginning of an era for Asia, as we are convinced that to defend the rights of the workers and the people and national sovereignty, political independent parties are required.

Let's unite to fight back and stand unitedly.

Dhaka, 29th May, 1998

Founding Convention of Democratic Workers Party Dhaka, 29th May, 1998

Resolution on the association with the International Liaison Committee for an international of the workers and people (ICL) (passed unanimously by the 215 delegates)

In conformity with the founding appeal of the Democratic Workers Party which states:

“ This struggle is world wide. We can't stand aside from that struggle; That is our responsibility. We want to be a component of the ILC which will help in our fight to survive as an independent nation.”

This convention decides that the Democratic Workers Party of Bangladesh will fully associate wit the campaigns and activities of the ILC against IMF/WB, privatisation and deregulation for the defence of the organisations of the working class and people an d for their rights.

They acknowledge the ILC charter which states;

“The ILC fights against the structural adjustment plans imposed by the IMF and the World Bank, aiming at the destruction of the public sector and privatisation. We fight for the political independence of the labour movement, and against its integration to the State as a firm. We fight for the defence of the Labour codes and national collective bargaining conventions, we oppose the deregulation and flexibility policies launched today in the name of the globalisation of economy.

“The ILC has no intention to be a substitute to the various international labour organisations or to compete with them.

“The ILC simply stands as a meeting point for all worker activists in the world who fight to defend the specific interests of workers, democratic rights, in order to discuss their various point of views on the many problems confronting the working class the world over.”

This convention also acknowledges the part played by the ILC in the campaign against the repression which was hitting Bangladeshi trade unions.

Long live the international solidarity and common struggle of the workers and people.

Dhaka, May 29th , 1998. Founding Convention of Democratic Workers Party Dhaka, 29th May, 1998

Emergency Resolution (passed unanimously by the 215 delegates and the visitors present)

On the 27th and 28th of May, the KCTU launched a general strike against lay-off, the IMF conditionalities and the new anti-labour laws.

On the 28th of May, the leaders of the KCTU informed that they were under arrest threats. Since then charges have been filed against 143 trade unionists.

We, activists and trade unionists from Bangladesh and Asia, we state our total solidarity with the Korean working class and its organisations;

We solemnly call upon the labour movement in each and every country of the world, we call upon the national and international federation.

The Korean workers are fighting unemployment and deregulation.

They are exercising their normal trade union rights.

The whole labour movement has the duty to defend them, to defend the KCTU.

We opposed the charges framed against the leaders of KCTU.

We demand the unconditional and immediate withdrawal of all charges.

Let's unite to stop repression against KCTU.

Dakha, May 29th, 1998.