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United States Policy in Sri Lanka

From 17 August, 1996

The policy adopted by the US has not changed since Vietnam. The same policy is now used in Sri Lanka. The CIA has had the opportunity to solve the problem. Instead the US have continued to supply weapons and recently, advisors. The main reason, to provide companies like Freeport Mcmoran with mining rights.

Prior to US involment it was British mercenaries and then the Israelis providing support to a government that has a long record of systematic genocide.

The LTTE has been classed a a major terrorist organisation. From first hand experience if it was not for the LTTE the Tamil population in Sri Lanka would be exterminated. The US turned down an offer to oversee negotiations. Instead they dispatched a SF training team to the south.

Although the Tamils are classed as terrorists they are one of many races born with a mistake in their birthright that have been pushed to far. The only way they can combat the threat is by improvisation.

The US has no reason to be in Sri Lanka but US weapons are killing thousands of civilians. If a bomb exploded in the US with the hallmarks of the LTTE would the American population agree that the US started the war and it was tit for tat retaliation.

I have no interest apart from the fact that the Island is about to be turned into a second Vietnam when the problem can be solved peacefully.

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