The contemporary political history of the Republic of Maldives

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At least 20 people
AI Index: ASA 29/06/98, 26 August 1998. Amnesty International remains concerned about at least 20 people who reportedly remain in detention on suspicion of spreading Christian beliefs, and are being held in conditions that appear to amount to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.
Arbitrary detention/fear of torture
AI Index: ASA 29/01/00, 6 January 2000. Three parliamentary candidates detained in the run up to last November's elections have reportedly been tortured and ill-treated in custody.
Maldives curfew after day of riots
By Kasra Naji, CNN, Sunday 21 September 2003. The troubles began after prison riot Friday night, in which police shot dead at least one person and wounded several others. Demonstrators, enraged over the prison killing, accused police of brutality.
Ain't no beach paradise
Oread Daily, [16 August 2004]. President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom of the Maldives—Asia's longest-serving leader—announced a program of political liberalization in June, less than a year after a riot in the capital, Male, highlighted discontent with his autocratic rule.