The environmental history of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

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Record Floods are a Human, Economic Emergency
By Tabibul Islam, InterPress Service, 31 August 1998. The prolonged floods, which some estimates say have put two-thirds of the country under water, are described as the worst in the known history of Bangladesh.
Saving farms from urban and river erosion
By Tabibul Islam, InterPress Service, 13 June 2000. A growing human population, urban and industrial growth, along with its wayward rivers, are fast eating away cultivable land in Bangladesh.
Unseen and untold: the mass-poisoning of an entire nation
By Peter Popham, Independent (London), 11 October 2000. Bangladesh, beset by famine and disease ever since its fiery birth less than 30 years ago, is confronting its biggest crisis ever: the accidental poisoning of as many as 85 million of its 125 million people with arsenic-contaminated drinking water. The largest mass poisoning of a population in history.
Plundering of trees from highways goes on unabated
The Independent (London), 16 June 2002. The branches of the trees worth over Taka one crore have so far been stolen during the last five years from the aforesaid roads as a result government has been deprived of a huge amount of revenue and at the same time it is damaging the eco system.