Jatiyo Sramik (Bangladesh National Workers Federation)

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Presentation by Tafazzul Hussain, president of the National Workers Federation of Bangladesh and Secretary of the Democratic Workers Party of Bangladesh.html">
To the February 13 plenary session of the Open World Conference, OWC Report Back, No. 24, [13 February 2000]. We had planned to have a big representation here, but the the rest of our delegates did not get their visas to come to the United States, and so they could not come.
Bangladeshi Union/Political Leader Assassinated; Your Support is Needed!
OWC Campaign News, August 2001. On Thursday, August 2nd, at 8:30 p.m., Iqbal Majumder, a pioneer of the labor movement of Bangladesh, was cowardly assassinated. Brother Majumder was the General Secretary of the Bangladeshi Jatiyo Sramik Federation (Bangladesh Workers Trade Union Federation) as well as the President of the Jute Spinning & Twine Mill Workers & Employees Federation.