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The economic history of India

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   Documents for the history of the Indian environment
Who benefits from World Bank projects?
Anonymous, 16 February 1995. Failure of World Bank projects, such as Sardar Sarovar dam and water delivery project (SSP), to deliver basic services to the poor.
Narmada: Ignorning a resettlement disaster
Anonymous, 16 February 1995. Re. the World Bank's resettlement review in response to the international controversy over the Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP) on the Narmada River in Western India.
Mainstreaming Sustainability? The World Bank and the Rehabilitation of the Indian Coal Sector, Pt. 1
Berne Declaration position paper, 13 May 1996. The World Bank has been deeply involved in the Indian coal and thermal power sectors for many decades. This is the first part of a critical evaluation of its Coal India Environmental and Social Mitigation Project policies.
World Bank set to turn Indian state into "global sacrifice zone"
New Institute for Policy Studies, 30 May 1996. Socio-environmental implications of World Bank's pushing for coal-based power generation in Orissa.
Broken commitments: The case of Pepsi in India
By Kavaljit Singh, in PIRG Update, May 1997.