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The history of sex workers in India

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   The history of the working class in India in general

Prostitution in India: The Twilight Zone
From Meena Menon, 27 July 1997. Re the dhaba prostitution along the highways. The author's revised version below does not entirely duplicate this one.
Women in India's trafficking belt
By Meena Menon, Third World Network Features, 22 mar 1998. the writer draws attention to socio-economic factors which drive women to the flesh trade. The solution has to be looked at in terms of politics and the issue has to be fought politically.
Twilight zone for women red-light workers along Indian highways
By Meena Menon, Third World Network Features, March 1999. All over India, dhabas (roadside stalls) are mushrooming along the highways, in which women service truck drivers and motorists. They are poor women with no other options.
Sex workers seek Rs 100 as minimum wage
The Times of India, Sunday 20 February 2000. It could happen only in Marxist country. Members of the oldest profession are seeking their just wages in Kerala.
Sex workers continue to be exploited: Experts
The Times of India, 24 April 2000. Commercial sex workers continue to be hounded by the police and the authorities. The various lacunae in the Immoral Traffic Act (PITA) helps the police to exploit the workers. Systematic registration of sex workers would help direct health care measures towards this group and ensure that no minors entered the profession.