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The history of education in India

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   The culture history of India in general

Indian education ministers in walk out; Religion and politics cloud Indian education
BBC_News_Online, 22 oct 1998. Indian state education ministers walked out of a conference in New Delhi, following an invocation to a Hindu goddess at the opening of the conference, in belief that the BJP government seeks to introduce Hindu nationalism into the country's schools.
Missionaries Threaten Hindu Caste Order
By Dev Raj, IPS, 19 jan 1999. Christian missionaries have made a tremendous contribution to Indian education, but right wing Hindu nationalists see their values as threatening to Indian good order.
Charter seeks free education for all children
The Hindu, Tuesday 21 November 2000. An "Education Campaign" that brings together sarpanches, women's groups, NGOs and child rights advocates adopts a charter, demanding among other things, free and quality education for all children..