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   The history of India in general


India's economic boom and South Asian Studies: a linkage?
By Frank Conlon, 24 August, 1995. Does not think India's economic liberalization will reverse the decline of support for South Asian studies programs in Europe and US, but sees reasons not to be overly pessimistic in short run.
The Falsification of History
From Frontline, 18-31 mar 2000. The latest ICHR-sponsored assault on academic freedom is just one of several official actions under BJP rule in the realm of education and research that are aimed to disseminate the Hindutva version of history.


Obituary: Dr. R. Suntharalingam
From Paul H. Kratoska, on H-Asia list, 22 jun 1998. Dr. R. Suntharalingam was a specialist on Indian history who taught at the National University of Singapore from 1960-75, and at Universiti Sains Malaysia from 1975 until his retirement at the age of 55 in 1991. A list of his principle works appended.


Integral Liberation - New Publication
From Frederick Noronha, 31 mar 1997. A new review recently launched from Bangalore that is committed to the building a truly just, self-reliant, sustainable, participatory and socialist society in India.
Hindu extremists stop publication of Indian history volume
By Richard Phillips, AntiFa Info_Bulletin, 16 mar 2000. The Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), which the Indian government has stacked with Hindu chauvinists, stopped publication of two volumes of Towards Freedom, a projected multi-volume collection of historical documents concerning the struggle against British colonial rule.