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Appeal (concerning the elections of 10 October 1999, in Astana)

From the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Kazakstan, Trud, 1 December 1999

The elections of October 10, 1999 in capital of Republic of Kazakhstan Astana passed with roughest violations of the Constitution of Republic of Kazakhstan and Constitutional Law ? About selection ?, about what were directed to Central Voting Committee our announcements and reference.

But any measures of reacting Central Voting Committee is not received, as well as the preventive, rigid measures were not adopted during election campaign, when suppression of numerous violations, about which one knew Central Voting Committee could serve as the warning to akimat of city, proteges akimat in territorial, circumferential and local commissions to follow to demands of the Law, instead of indicatings of authorised body.

In outcome all election campaign and the elections are conducted in situation of permissiveness and are pierced by corporate concerns. The population of city knows about the chiefs of firms and labor collectives know, the retirees and veterans, which were one suddenly by some policy controlled by akimat. The urban Mass Media also has experienced rigid pressing from authority, when they were given the prepared texts - on the objectionable nominees.

All involved in this dishonest campaign are under fear of pressure of authority for disobedience. Already there are those who has got in an opal of the Akimat and after dismantlings is in hospital with a cardiac attack. And Central Voting Committee placing a territorially in Àstana having the full information on violations, which are in the capital, sleeps, withdrawes from adoption of measures.

The analysis of violations of the local law during election in the republic on the basis of materials of the observers testifies that Àstana is in the lead not only by quantity of violations, but also by having no analogue.

In Central Voting Committee the materials of the independent observers of election reacting any are directed!

In Central Voting Committee the application of the deputy nominees of Machilis of Parliament of RK reacting any is directed!

In Central Voting Committee the application from the independent observers trained and given swearing of honest officiating of the INDEPENDENT observer and acts which have been compounded by them by October 10 on electoral elections any reaction on October 12!

The silence of Central Voting Committee probably calculated on a time saving, generates new demands and applications:

October 14, 1999 the deputy nominees of Maslihat (city administrative executive body) appealed to the central voting committee with demand to cancel the election returns in Àstana and to retire Pytjeva V.P. as a secretary of territorial electoral commission.

October 14, 1999 the request was submitted to city executive body to hold a meeting in support ? Appeals of the President of Republic of Kazakhstan to the people in connection with selection of October 10, 1999 ?.

Was it possible to prevent all violations, not admit them? It is possible! If central Voting Committee took a principled position based on the LAW!

Then the lost nominees should analyse only own gross errors and errors in election campaign. Now, when the results of the ballot are forged, we demand from central Voting Committee:

To cancel the totals of selection of October 10 and to conduct participations, with the new right, taking part in them recorded nominees, they are not guilty of an outcome of an election.

To cancel elections in Àstana as conducted with rough violations of the constitutional Law ? About selection in Republic of Kazakhstan ?.

To understand and to do responsible of all terms of electoral commissions assigned by Akimat and violated of the Indicating of the President of country about honest selection.

We revert to all deputy nominees, who will be allowed to participate in the second tour of voting - to refuse it and to back up our fair demands.

We revert to international trade unions to render us solidary support in our demands.

We want to live in a lawful state, where the LAW should dominate, where there should not be a dictate of the local authority and ignoring of the indications of the President of country - as quarantee of constitutional laws of the citizens.

On behalf of Coordination Advice Confederations of Free Trade Unions of Kazakhstan

President Leonid Solomin E-mail: solomin@astel.kz