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From LABOR-L@YorkU.CA Fri Mar 3 06:51:35 2000
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 13:34:22 -0500
Sender: Forum on Labor in the Global Economy <LABOR-L@YorkU.CA>
From: Vladimir Bilenkin <achekhov@UNITY.NCSU.EDU>
Subject: From the Workers' Movement of Kazakhstan

Appeal from the Organizing Committee of the Re-foundation Conference of the Workers' Movement of Kazakhstan ‘Solidarity’ (WMKS)

From Vladimir Bilenkin, 2 March 2000

Esteemed Comrades:

We express our gratitude for your efforts in spreading the information about the condition of the working class in Kazakhstan.

The international campaign of solidarity with the workers of the military plant "Metallist" has been bringing positive results. The government and the administration of President Nazarbaev feel the pressure from the members of legislature of different countries, public and labor organizations. Picketing of Kazakhstan embassies and consulates that took place in Moscow, Kiev, and London was covered in our mass media and made a big impression inside the country.

Moreover, Kazakhstan authorities are now under the pressure from human rights groups and political organizations who protest the violent suppression of public meetings in many cities across the country. These meetings and other actions of protest were led by the industrial proletariat, medical and educational workers, as well as pensioners. They protested against the predatory practices of monopolies, back wages and pensions, the diktat of foreign corporations, against the states suppression of freedom of speech, associations, and meetings. The activists of the organizations who organized and led these meetings-the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, the Kazakhstan Workers' Movement "Solidarity," the movement of pensioners "Generation," the Association of Independent Unons (Karaganda), the Republican Peoples Party of Kazakhstan-have been subjected to persecutions.

The totalitarian tendencies of Kazakhstan authorities have been registered in the OSCE' statement of January 2000.

On February 29 the opposition plans a new nation-wide action of protest. Many regions of the country face social explosion. In this situation it becomes imperative to convene the Re-foundation Conference of the Workers' Movement as the only organization connected to proletarian masses and able to lead nation-wide protests.

The main obstacle for holding this conference is the lack of money. We have so far failed to raise the minimum sum of $2,000 needed mostly for the transportation of delegates.

We ask labor activists and progressives for donations. The very fact of international solidarity with our struggle is important for us. Donations can be sent by

1) Bank transfer:
Beneficiary bank: Bank of New York, New York
One Wall Street, New York,N.Y.10286, USA
acc. 890-0060211-537
Beneficiary name: Alfa-Bank, Moscow, Russia,
in favor of Samara Branch
acc. 30301 840 90000 0001035
for credit of D - 2128 (Filippov Vadim)
passport IX-EP 673319
address Bubnoba st., 11-96,
Samara, Russia

Please write in "Details of Payment" "HELP" or "Current Expenses"

2) Wire transfer by "Western Union" or similar service to Russia, Samara Egorova Olga Nikolaevna (no other address is needed) Please send the control number of your wire transfer to


This will speed up the receipt of your donation and you will receive our acknowledgment.

If you would like to take part in the Initiative Group of Russian-Kazakhstan Workers' Solidarity please write to


Workers of All Countries, Unite!

The Re-foundation Committee of WMKS 26.02.2000