The retrospective history of Central Asia as a whole

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The history of Ancient Central Asia

Central Asian civilisation uncovered
BBC World Service, 14 May 2001. Archaeologists working in the deserts of Turkmenistan say they have discovered evidence of an ancient literate civilisation which existed in Central Asia more than 4,000 years ago named the civilisation Bactria Margiana Archaeology Complex—or BMAC.
Archaeologists find Zoroastrian-era statue
From CenAsia list, 24 November 1997. A baked-clay statue is the first archaeological find to give an idea of the appearance and clothing of the people of Margush, a second-millennium-B.C. country which was the home of Zoroastrianism.

The history of feudal Central Asia

Crimean Tatars
H. B. Paksoy, Modern Encyclopedia of Religions in Russia and Soviet Union (Academic International Press, 1995). History of the Crimean Tartars in the Crimean Peninsula, 13th century to WWII.
Jalaladin Menguberdi
A dialog from H-Mideast-Medieval list. The Khorezm warlord, Jalal al-Din Menguberdi Khwarazmshah, d. 1230 in Anatolia. Only one able to stand up to the Mongols. Rampages of his followers after his death.