The culture history of Central Asia as a whole

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Two Altaic games: chelik-chomak and jirid oyunu
By H. B. Paksoy, Aspects of Altaic Civilization III, ed. Denis Sinor (Bloomington: Indiana University Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, 1960).
Elements of Humor in Central Asia: The Example of the journal Molla Nasreddin in Azerbaijan
By H. B. Paksoy, Turkestan als historischer Faktor und politische Idee. Baymirza Hayit Festschrift. Prof. Dr. Erling von Mende, Editor (Koln: Studienverlag, 1988). Central Asia has produced humor throughout its history. We can at least begin to understand its nature through a simultaneous study of history and current events. The specific example at hand illustrates this.
Nationality or religion?
H. B. Paksoy, AACAR Bulletin (Association for the Advancement of Central Asian Research), Vol. VIII, no. 2, Fall 1995. The direct participation of Central Asia in world events influences the political and cultural events in Europe as well as the rest of Asia. (129 kB)
Looting and destruction in the Kabul Museum
Far Eastern Economic Review, 23 September 1995. Rockets slammed into the National Museum of Afghanistan in Kabul in May 1993, and the subsequent looting by mujahideen soldiers resulted in the single biggest loss of ancient artifacts, dating from the Kushan, Gandhara period, in this century.
The question of ‘religious fundamentalism’ in Central Asia
A paper presented by H. B. Paksoy to the Central Asian Studies Program Conference on The Revival of Central Asian Culture (The Oklahoma State University, March 1997).
Bride snatching
Part of a dialog on the CenAsia list, November 1997.
Herbal medicines
A dialog from CenAsia list, September 1998. Some citation of on-line resources for Central Asian herbal medicine.
An open letter to the editorial board of Hurriyat (Mustakil Gazeta) Tashkent Ozbek Republic
By H. B. Paksoy, D. Phil., 2 February 2000. Paysoy's rejoinder to the debate over the Alpamysh by Professors Hayrulla Ismatulla and Tura Mirzaev.
Thoughts on ‘religious fundamentalism’ in Central Asia
Inaugural lecture by H. B. Paksoy, Texas Tech University, The Special Collections Library Presentation Series, 21 February 2002. Considers two questions: 1) What is the identity of fundamentalism? (is religion to be equated with nationality?) 2) Who is more eager for the Central Asians to be fundamentalists?
Literature in Central Asia
By H.B. Paksoy, D. Phil., 22 April 2003. An overview of the periods and principal forms of Central Asian literature, based on the author’s article in the Encyclopedia of Modern Asia.