The IT, media and telecommunications of Turkmenistan

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Yovshan Annakurbanov, independent journalist: Possible prisoner of conscience/Fear for safety
Amnesty International Urgent Action Bulletin, 4 November 1997. Yovshan Annakurbanov worked as a freelance journalist for Radio Liberty until 26 June 1997, when death threats from state security officers forced him to stop. He was arrested on 30 October 1997 and charged with having a computer diskette containing material by the political opposition in Turkmenistan.
Concern at arrest of government critic
International Secretariat of Amnesty International news release, 16 September 1998. Arrest of Durdymukhammed Gurbanovwas, a former presidential press officer, after an interview he gave to Radio Liberty in April that criticized the policies of President Niyazov and accused the Turkmen government of mismanagement.