The economic history of of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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Letter from President Clinton to the senate on bilateral investment treaty with Uzbekistan
The White House, Office of the Press Secretary, 28 February 1996. The US President recommends to the US Senate a bilateral trade treaty that would facilitate capitalist penetration of Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan: Technology
By Mikhail Alexandrov, 3 April 1996. Response on CenAsia list regarding two matters. The facts show that the USSR subsidized Uzbekistan rather than the other way around. Soviet technology (in Uzbekistan) was not necessarily backward.
Overview of London Conference
By Resul Yalcin, 11 November 1997. A capitalist perspective on Uzbekistan's investment potential. While the conference explicitly excludes any discussion of politics, it suggests Uzbekistan's political order makes it attractive for investment.
Free of Russians, but Imprisoned in Cotton
By Stephen Kinzer, Uzbekistan Journal, 20 November 1997. Wherever there is arable land here, there is cotton. The Uzbek economy rests on countless petty cotton producing families that make about $135 per month. The world's fifth largest cotton producer only exports raw cotton, not textiles. Outside looking for ways to use this cotton.