The social history of of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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The Dungan of Uzbekistan
Dialog on the CenAsia list, February 1996. The Dungan people live largely in Qirghizstan, Qazaqstan, Western China. The brief dialog offers a few citations.
Uzbekistan Turns its Back on Battered Women
Human Rights Watch, 10 July 2001. Uzbek women battered by their husbands have little hope of protection from the government. Uzbek authorities routinely force women to remain in violent marriages, blocking their access to divorce and strong-arming them to return to their husbands.
Uzbekistan's health nightmare
By Rory Mulholland in Urgench, Uzbekistan, BBC News, Sunday, 12 August 2001. A survey last year in the southeastern province of Khorezm revealed that three out of every four children are sick. The decline began decades ago, when Soviet planners began turning this arid land into a primary producer of cotton, a crop that demands huge quantities of water.