The economic history of the Kyrgyz Republic

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New railroad construction
US Embassy's USITA office, Bishkek, 10 October 1997. Investments totaling 60 million Kyrgyzstani som will allow the Transportation Ministry to begin construction of the new railroad line, which may ultimately link Kyrgyzstan with countries of the Persian Gulf, Indo-China, and other parts of Eurasia.
Toxic waste threatens health of people in Bishkek
Kyrgyz Radio first programme, Bishkek, 22 February 1998. Toxic waste products accumulated over decades at industrial plants in the capital, Bishkek, pose a real threat to people's health (brief).
Famed Kyrgyz lake fights aftermath of chemical spill
By Christina Ling, Reuters, 7 July 1998. The area around the lake, with a distant cloud-capped mountain range in the northeast of the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan, is renowned for unspoiled natural beauty. On May 20, a truck belonging to Kyrgyz-Canadian gold venture Kumtor Operating Co. crashed into a river feeding into the lake, spilling more than 3,520 pounds of sodium cyanide.