The social history of the Republic of Tajikistan

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Some Thoughts on Tajikistan Uzbeks
Dialog on CenAsia list, February 1996. The involvement/role played by Uzbeks in the current crisis in Tajikistan. The Society of Uzbeks plays a cooperative role and does not represent all Uzbeks. Uzbeks have no common agenda. Concerning Ubekified Leninabad elite.
Tajikistan Situation
Dialog on CenAsia list, February 1996. Whether the problems are fundamentally rooted in power politics rather than ethnic relations. The layers of motivation also include regional and ethnic competition. Boimatov. An impact on ethnic relations because political aspirations often pursued though efforts to mobilize people along ethnic or regional lines.
Part of Uzbek Military Leadership Backs Tajik Opposition
Article from Itar-Tass, 27 October 1997. Whether the Tajik anti-government forces are backed by a part of the Uzbek military leadership. The interrogation of former deputy head of the administration of the southern Khatlon Region Kasim Babayev and close associate of the rebel colonel Khudoberdiyev. Military coup attempts January–February 1996 and August 1997, and their support by forces in Uzbekistan.