The contemporary political history of the Fergana Valley

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Wahhabis—Fundamentalists of the Fergana Valley
By Bruce Pannier, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 23 December 1997. Uzbekistan's government last week officially laid the blame for the murders of four members of the militia in the eastern Uzbek city of Namangan on members of the Wahhabi sect. It's not the first time the Wahhabis have been accused of causing problems in the Fergana Valley.
The Fergana Valley
The Embassy of Uzbekistan, n.d. [ca. 2003]. This green valley is the most picturesque oasis in Central Asia, and provides the opportunity to combine mountain trips with visits to old cities and archaeological sites.
The Volatile Fergana Valley
By Bob Kaiser and Lois Raimondo, The Washington Post, Monday 15 July 2002. Here are combined the two articles from the series that focus on the Fergana Valley. Once threatened by Islamic insurgency, the region now confronts unemployment. The questions and answers touch upon many aspects of the Fergana Valley.