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Subject: Souphanouvong, "red prince'' of Laos, dies aged 86

Souphanouvong, "red prince'' of Laos, dies aged 86

Reuter. 12 January, 1995

BANGKOK, Thailand (Reuter) - Souphanouvong, the "Red Prince'' of Laos who fought with Vietnamese and Lao guerrillas against the United States in Indochina and later became his country's president, died Monday, Laotian Radio reported. He was 86.

Souphanouvong became president after the communist victory in Indochina in 1975 and held the post until 1986 when he stepped down on health grounds.

Souphanouvong was known as the "Red Prince'' after leading the communist Pathet Lao for more than two decades of guerrilla warfare against the rightist government of his half-brother, Prince Souvanna Phouma.

The struggle between the two princes for control of the landlocked kingdom dominated the history of Laos from its independence from France in 1953 to the communist victory in December 1975.

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