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APRIL 25 1995

Ethnic refugees and Bangkok UNHRC4S policy

From Mon Information Service, 25 April, 1995

Maung Kyan and his family all, however, have been recognized as concerned person by UNHCR, they will not accept any assistance from UNHCR. Only UNHCR branch office in Thailand have approved the border policy for the Burmese refugees, especially for the ethnic people, since 1993. Being Mon nationality, Maung Kyan and his family were covered by this policy and UNHCR do not grant any assistance including the medical treatmant. Bucause of his both arms and his eye-sight were lost by a land mine explosion, he is unable to work for his survival. He and his family took refuge in the Buddhist temple and supported by the Mon National Relief Committee.

So many Mon refugees were suggested to go back to the border and received assistance there by UNHCR when they applied for refugee status. Even some former university students included in that policy and was organized to stay in the border. UNHCR does not care for their further education and future life. Therefore, for their daily food, they have to work in construction site and other illegal jobs. They were deported to Burma side after been detaining in the Immigration Detention Centre for several weeks if they were arrested. UNHCR can not do any thing and do not reconsider to withdraw the policy of border case and refugeestatus without assistance. This is only own dicriminating policy of Bangkok branch office of UNHCR.

MIS - Mon Information Service. April 25 1995.

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