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More Workers Hospitalised at Keyhinge Toys/McDonalds in Vietnam

From Asia Monitor Resource Center, 25 June, 1997

On May 27, seven workers at Keyhinge Toys in Vietnam were sent to hospital after exposure to hazardous chemicals. Three of these women workers were kept in hospital for three days.

This occurred only a week after representatives from McDonald's visited the factory and "solved" the health and safety and low-wage issues at Keyhinge.

Two weeks before this incident, the manager of Keyhinge Toys in Vietnam told the Vietnamese press that the factory may have to close because of unnecessary interference by the local Labour Department. This threat sent a clear message to the Labour Department that investigation of labour rights abuses must be discontinued.

Although the local health and safety centre in Danang has managed to inspect the factory and advise the management on improvements, workers are still without personal protective equipment and are exposed to hazardous chemicals such as acetone and toluene.

The hospitalisation of seven workers last month confirms that neither McDonald's nor MB Sales has lived up to their commitment to improve working conditions at Keyhinge Toys.

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