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Teaching on the Vietnam War

Dialog on H-World list. November, 1995


I am currently teaching a course called "War and Revolution in SE Asia, a schizophrenic mixture of genral SE Asian history (based on the reissue of Keyes, _Golden Peninsula_) and the history of Vietnam. I am using David Marr's _Vietnamese Tradition on Trial_ (UC Press) along with Jamieson, _Understanding Vietnam_ and Bui Tin, _Following Ho Chi Minh_; I am using Marilyn Young's _The Vietnam Wars, 1945-1990_ for political narrative.

My students ave been universally enthusiastic about the Marr and Jamieson texts -- less rapturous about the Keyes and Young. We have only just started Bui Tin, although this afternoon they wre saying good things about it (prompted by my own expression of doubt).

Hugh Clark
Ursinus College

Re: Vietnam War sources

I would include the book "Bloods" for firsthand experiences of black soldiers. I do not have the full reference handy -- if any H-World members do, I would appreciate a posting. If not, I will dig it up.

Kim Butler
Rutgers Univ

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