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Vietnam Development; Construction; Trade

By Laura Summers, 21 January, 1995

On January 20th, Tony Garcia wrote:

I am currently doing research on the Development of vietnam.

I have not been able to find many longer analyses of recent development in Vietnam's economic and trade polices. Does anyone know of any longer survey articles on these topics.

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For Tony and others who have posted inquiries recently:

The most up to date, readily available material in English on Vietnamese economic developments (by sector) is to be found in the quarterly "Country Report: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia" published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Ltd (London) together with the EIU's annual "Country Profile: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia", 1994-95. As of this month, the country report series is being restructured. There will be an entirely separate bulletin on Vietnam. Many large University libraries in the US will have subscriptions to these reports. If money is no object, for the reports are *very* expensive, write to the EIU directly: their fax numbers are (212) 995 8837 (in New York); (171) 499 9796 (in London) and (3) 3574 6880 (in Tokyo).

In mid 1994, the Vietnamese began publishing a monthly "Vietnam Economic Times" which is a sister publication of the Vietnamese weekly "Thoi Bao Kinh Te Viet Nam" (Vietnam Economic Times). The specimen issues I have seen include articles on joint ventures, foreign investment, interviews with the deputy construction ministry, items on infrastructure, statistics, cars, "Entrepreneur of the Month" and lots of very interesting advertisements with addresses, telephone and fax numbers. International subscription orders, enquiries are accepted by Ringier AG in Switzerland: Fax: 41 1 259 6333.

The following texts, which are mostly collections of recent conference papers, should also be helpful:

David G. Marr & Christine P. White, editors.
Postwar Vietnam: Dilemmas in Socialist Development
William Turley & Mark Selden, editors
Reinventing Vietnamese Socialism
Melanie Beresford
Vietnam: Politics, Economic and Society (plus)
National Unification and Economic Development in Vietnam and
"The Vietnamese Economy 1979-1993: Reforming or Revolutionizing Asian Socialism?" Asian Studies Review, Vol. 17, No. 2 (1994)
Gareth Porter
Vietnam: The Politics of Bureaucratic Socialism
Lewis Stern
Conflict and Transition in the Vietnamese Economic Reform Program (1988) published as a Chulalongkorn Univ Paper and his later book,
Renovating the Vietnamese Communist Party
Mya Than & Joseph L H Tan, editors
Vietnam's Dilemmas and Options
Dean Forbes
Doi Moi: Vietnam's Renovation, Policy and Performance
Per Ronnas & Orjan Sjoberg, editors
Doi Moi: Economic Reforms and Development (Papers and Proceedings of a symposium in Hanoi, Dec 12-15, 1989)
The Agenda for the 1990s (again, papers and proceeedings of a symposium in Hanoi, February 1991)
Stefan de Vylder and Adam Fforde
Vietnam: An Economy in Transition (up to June 1988)
Carlyle Thayer and David Marr, editors
Vietnam and the Rule of Law

If you wish to consult a good, general introduction to the study of socialist development strategies, including the reform process in socialist economies, see the introductory chapter of Gordon White, Robin Murray and Christine White, editors. Revolutionary Socialist Development in the Third World.

Laura Summers

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