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Glimpses of Khun Sa and Gunjade

The BurmaNet News, Issue #276, 12 November 1995

Whoever says Khun Sa has yet to learn patience should think again. People at the monastery are expecting Gunjade to be on time for the annual robe-offering ceremony, held as usual on the Full Moon Day of the twelfth Lunar Month, which falls today ( 6 November ) for this year. But when the clock strikes twelve, the scheduled time for the ceremony to begin, he is still at the Central Executive Committee's emergency meeting. Some look anxiously at Khun Sa, who in the past used to preside over such gatherings. However, the General is calm and tells the Master of Ceremonies, “ We have to wait for him “ . Twenty minutes later, Gunjade arrives, The Master of Ceremonies sights with relief and begins the ceremony. After it is over, the Abbot talks to both Khun Sa and Gunjade about the new pagoda that is scheduled to be crowned on November 22, which coincides with the Shan New Year's Day. Khun Sa then takes his leave.

Gunjade is back in shape after ten days rest . And he is eager to know how he has to go about being a Chairman, after being a Vice Chairman for more than a quarter of a century to the late Kornzurng and, after his death, to Khun Sa.

He certainly deserved a long recuperation. The last days of his trek back to the Homong base were engaged in breaking the Burmese cordon that was preventing him from making a successful crossing of the mighty Salween into the Shans' Free territory.

To S.H.A.N.'s question about how he fared with his ex-officer Karnyord and his mutineers, he says, “ You’ll be hearing some news soon.” Good or bad ? “ Good, I hope,” adding the inevitable cliche, “ Let's hope for the best and prepare for the worst. “ He then says goodbye to S.H.A.N. and goes off for another round of meetings with a CEC member.