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We should not let terrorists manipulate the situation

Anonymous, 5 July 2002

It is regretful to learn that certain members of the U.S House of Representatives have fallen prey to or being duped by the two Shan organizations assuming the names Shan Human Rights Foundation and Shall Women's Action Network based in Thailand with direct linking to Shan United Revolutionary Army (SURA) the remnants of the Mong Tai Army (narco-army) of former drug-warlord Khun Sa. Apparently, there is a climate of misunderstanding and misconception of the situation about Myanmar. The alleged human rights violation of ethnic minorities, especially torturing and systematic raping of young girls and women in the Shan State are stories mainly created in manipulating by this armed narco-terrorist group, the SURA and various other anti-government quarter to deliberately discredit and tarnish the image of the Government of Myanmar especially when the Government-led anti-terrorists and anti-drug campaigns are picking up momentum and achieving a substantial success in denting the drug trade and noticeably effecting their income.

Recently, the Government security forces, together with the other various ethnic militias waged a counter-offensive against the SURA narco-terrorist group in certain areas on the Myanmar- Thai border to recapture the strategic positions taken over by this group during the month of May. The ensuing military campaign took almost a month and finally the SURA retreated into Thailand leaving those positions behind. As usual, these narco-terrorist group are employing tactic to mislead the international community and to make themselves look like genuine freedom fighters and their movements as a liberation of the Shan ethnic people from the clutches of the evil Bama (Burman) race and its military machine bent on an ethnic cleansing campaigt1. It is also quite interesting to note t11at this group has even adopted the existing name of another ethnic group called the Shan State Army for their organization. In reality, the real Shan State Army had made peace with the Government in 1989. It is working together with the Government in maintaining peace and stability while developing their respective areas since then. The reason for this narco-terrorist. group in assuming the name of, Shan State Army is to falsely create an image to make themselves look and sound like an ethnic group fighting for liberation and to cover up their real activities of which are narco-terrorism, human trafficking and smuggling of natural resources out of Myanmar into a neighbouring country.

Meanwhile, stories designed to disinform readers and viewers are manipulated and synchronized by those with vested interests to serve their ulterior motives. But SURA's continued involvement in narcotic drugs is undeniable and was being confirmed by the Third Army Chief of the Royal Thai Army Lt-Gen Watanachai Chaiuenwong, responsible for drug suppressions in Northern Thailand being stated in the Bangkok Post newspaper of September 7th, 2000 and also in the International Narcotics Control Strategy Report of 1998 released by the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, U.S. Department of State.

Today in Myanmar, the overwhelming majority of the ethnic minorities are Jiving peacefully and el1joying their human rights while a very few of the armed ethnic terrorist groups under the influence of certain foreign nations and organizations arc still waging armed conflicts disturbing peace and stability the nation is enjoying and also terrorizing the population living in certain border areas in Myanmar. The Government of Myanmar is keeping the door wide open to peace for these few misguided groups to walk in and to be able to contribute a constructive and meaningful way in rebuilding the nation. But like any government in the world, the Government of Myamnar has a fundamental obligation to protect and ensure the rights of all its citizens to a safe, secure and stable environment. There are times when the Government has to take appropriate military action against these armed terrorist groups in safeguarding its national security and protecting its citizens from harm. These armed groups have not only rejected the offer of peace terms but: have shifted in tactics towards fabrication of news and falsified information in order to mobilize political support from foreign governments as well as international organizations. In this regard, the international organizations and foreign governments should be aware of this possibility before drawing any conclusions, especially on news emanating from such sources and sources relating to them.

Similarly, Bo Mya, the leader of another armed ethnic terrorist group the Kayin National Union (KNU) which is now left with around 25-30 % of its former strength while the rest have broken away from it to make peace with the Government and work together in the development of the Kayin State for the benefit of the Kayin population living there. This organization of Bo Mya being deeply involved in acts of terrorism was also responsible in almost overthrowing the first democratic civilian Government of the union in 1949 and ruled most of the country side for some years. Before the former drug warlord Khun Sa surrendered unconditionally to the Government of Myanmar, the KNU leader Bo Mya made several clandestine trips to Khun Sa's headquarters in Eastern Shan State near the Thai border and collaborated in drug deals. Photo evidence of his connection with Khun Sa and his drug dealings were exposed in the 24th edition of the book “Political Situation or Myanmar And Its Role In The Region” on page 37 and can be looked up on the Myanmar

website - Regretfully, both the leaders of the Shan United Revolutionary Army and Kayin National Union have been constantly making a lot of ridiculous but sensational statements claiming that the Government of Myanmar is involved in ethnic cleansing, systematic raping and torturing of the ethnic Shan and Kayin people. At the same time, some media and interest group… have blown those statements out of proportion to paint a very negative picture of Myanmar and downplay the many positive development. taking place in the country.

It is not too surprising to learn that these armed terrorist groups are utilizing smear-and-spin. campaign against the Government. But it is more surprising to come to realize that certain people can totally fall into traps these groups have cleverly laid out, by accepting such allegations as truth and reacting in a knee-jerking fashion. It is indeed regretful to realize that some terrorist groups in South East Asia especially those from Myanmar are given unlimited rights to carry out their nefarious acts while their words are transformed into holy truths- This in a way will give further encouragement and rise to terrorism in the world if Governments intending to maintain peace, stability, law and order in their respective countries are hampered from safeguarding and serving the interest of its population.