The retrospective history of
Southeast Asia as a whole

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The bronze drums of Dongson - Alloying and casting technologies
By Pham V. Huong, Arts and Literary E-Magazine. Drums are evidence of blossoming of Dongson culture of Southeast Asia in fourth century B.C. This portion of the article concerns the evolution of the drums in the Post-Dongson period.
S-E Asia's identity long in existence
By Shefali Rekhi, The Straits Times. A book by Amitav Acharya documents the unusual thesis that the region of Southeast Asia had its own identity before colonialism and World War II.
Carnival at Thai Bridge Criticized
By Micool Brooke, Associated Press. Garish carnival at the Bridge on the River Kwai offends some veterans because it commercializes a World War II atrocity, the Thai-Myanmar Death Railway.
WWII 'Death Railroad' memoirs to be published
By Ken Yamada, Mainichi Shimbun. The bitter memoirs of a Japanese railroad official who was charged with committing serious war crimes against British and Dutch POWs forced to build a railroad linking Thailand and Burma during World War II (Bridge over the River Kwai).
Tunku 'opposed an attack on Indonesia'
By Bernama, The Straits Times. Malaysia's first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, rejected a plan which would have enabled Malaysia to wage war against Indonesia during the confrontation with Indonesia in the early 1960s. British complicity.