Maritime Affairs in Southeast Asia

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Thai, Khmer navies agree on joint territorial patrol
Bangkok Post, 15 July 1998. A joint operation to patrol common territorial waters to tackle maritime crimes, drug trafficking and piracy, and intrusion problems. So far Cambodia has refused Thailand's offer to demarcate the territorial waters.
Joint sea patrols as piracy surges
Hong Kong Standard, [5 May 1999]. The navies of Singapore and Indonesia have stepped up joint patrols following a recent spate of robberies of ships in waters between the two countries. Both sea robbers and pirates to be fought on land as well as at sea.
KL wants naval pacts with Asean nations
The Straits Times, 4 August 2000. Malaysia wants to enter into formal agreements with fellow ASEAN countries to avoid incidents at sea between their navies, starting with the signing of such a memorandum of understanding with Indonesia soon.
Japan's battle against pirates goes high-tech
By Hau Boon Lai, Straits Times Japan Bureau, 12 August 2000. Japan is going all out against pirates plaguing the Malacca and Singapore Straits, and the waters off Indonesia. Vessels are being fitted with intricate devices that can trip off the alarm system or alert onshore personnel through a mobile phone message.
Malacca Strait piracy heading for 10-year high - Indonesia unrest fallout
The Straits Times, 10 October 2000. The number of attacks on shipping lines in the Straits of Malacca may hit a 10-year high owing to political instability in Indonesia.
Marine police crush gang of sea pirates
The Straits Times, 26 October 2000. The Malaysian marine police have crushed a gang of foreign pirates that used a high powered boat to stage 30 high-sea robberies on merchant ships and fishing boats.
Pirates Worry Seafarers Union
By Glen Crofskey, NewsRoom, 10 November 2000. New Zealand Seafarers Union concern for detection and combat of increasing piracy in Southeast Asia, which has led to ships and entire crews disappearing.