The environmental history of
Southeast Asia as a whole

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State of emergency in Malaysia
From the Militant, 6 October 1997. Brief news article re. shutdown of Sarawak because of the Indonesian forest fires.
Greed Fuels Disaster of World-wide Proportions
David Harrison, Environment Editor, The Observer, 7 October 1997. Argues that causes of the forest fires in Southeast Asia are indifference to pollution, powerful multinationals, lack of law enforcement, and official corruption; basically the moral factor of greed.
Suharto Fiddles While Indonesia Burns
By James Balowski, Green Left Weekly, 15 October 1997. The Great Haze of 1997 that enveloped a significant part of Southeast Asia, due to forest fires. Analysis of the causes and the official reactions. Global warming. Economic effects. The effect of mounting Market pressures. Corporate ties to government prevented any response.
Indonesian Crisis Prompts Fears of New Smoke Pollution
By Michael Richardson, International Herald Tribune 13 February 1998. Relation of the global fiscal crisis and the threat of renewed smoke pollution like the great haze of 1997. Impact on health and economy in Southeast Asia. Ineffectiveness of the Indonesian government. IMF and reforestation.
Global warming will create havoc in region, say scientists
By James East, Straits Times, 21 February 2001. ASEAN warned to start preparing for the effects of climate change now, as extreme weather conditions will cause calamities of biblical proportions in Southeast Asia, which is acutely sensitive to its effects.