The history of children and youth
in Southeast Asia as a whole

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South-east Asia child trafficking pledge
BBC World Service, 28 November 1997. the growing number of victims of trafficking in women and children Southeast Asia. Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Burma, and China will ensure that existing laws are used to protect victims of trafficking and not to punish them as illegal migrants (brief).
A new kind of trafficking: Child beggars in Asia
World of Work, 1998. Until recently, the incidence of child beggars was overshadowed by the more visible and voluminous trade in women and children being trafficked for prostitution. But experts see begging as the newest trend in child trafficking throughout the Mekong region.
Joint effort agreed to curb trafficking
Child Labor News Service, 15 November 2000. Thailand and Cambodia have agreed to sign their first bilateral memorandum to combat trafficking in women and children, a measure expected to help protect those targeted by human smuggling syndicates.