The history of health and nutrition
in Southeast Asia as a whole

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Old diseases are emerging as a threat in S-E Asia
By Marianne Kearney, The Straits Times Interactive, 1 May 2000. Tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases have reemerged as a major health concern, and rarer diseases such as leprosy and yaws are emerging. Thailand as model in fighting AIDS. Healthy lifestyle programs to reduce the incidence of modern diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
Singapore, Malaysia to monitor impact of haze
By Liang Hwee Ting, The Straits Times, 6 August 2000. While the Great Haze of 1997 due to forest fires did not return, health ministries are not taking any chances and will establish a monitoring system to keep track of the extent to which it contributes to an increase in asthma and infections of the upper respiratory tract.
Yaba pills threaten to swamp region
By K. C. Vijayan, The Straits Times, 17 October 2000. The threat from increased use of the Yaba drug. Networks of some drug syndicates may be large. Addicts use Yaba because they lack access to heroin or Ecstasy. As the workers work long hours, the lure of Yaba to keep them energised is very tempting.
Drug users fuel Aids explosion
BBC News, 3 November 2000. Intravenous drug use is helping fuel the explosion of HIV and Aids in South-East Asia, according to a report for the World Bank. Illegality of methadone in some countries.