The history of refugees
in Southeast Asia as a whole

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Refugee flood fears prompt coastal patrols
By Michael Perry, South China Morning Post 26 February 1998. Fears are growing among Indonesia's neighbours of a flood of refugees as the sprawling archipelago's economic and political problems continue to mount. Analysts said a collapse of the economy would not necessarily spark a wave of refugees seeking permanent migration.
Malaysia uprising highlights Asia's dilemma
By Nelson Graves, Reuters, 26 March 1998. An uprising in a Malaysian detention camp has thrown a spotlight on the human side of Asia's financial crisis and the mounting immigration dilemma facing the region's governments.
Indonesians storm embassies in Kuala Lumpur
South China Morning Post 10 April 1998. Indonesian immigrants seeking political asylum forced their way into four foreign embassy compounds in the Malaysian capital. Fear of repatriation. All removed by police except those from Aceh Province.
Migration News: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand
Migration News, September 1998. Flight of ethnic Chinese to Hong Kong to escape ethnic violence in Indonesia. Abuse of Philippine overseas domestic workers. Danger of their being subject to slave labor in US Marianas garment factories. Nike conditions. In Thailand, screening of illegal immigrants due to health concerns; issue of dual nationality and Chinese in Thailand.
Ex-communists seek Thai citizenship
The Straits Times, 8 December 2000. Communists no longer within the defunct Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) and resident in Thailand since 1987 now seek citizenship there in exchange for a promise not to continue their struggle in Malaysia.