The culture history of
Southeast Asia as a whole

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Restoring the sheen of a glorious past
By Chompoo Trakullertsathienk, 21 January 1995. Restoration of the great monuments of Southeast Asian history.
Islamic politics in region are tolerant
By Dr Imtiyaz Yusuf, Bangkok Post, Letter to the Editor, 8 June 1999. Mainstream Islamic political trends in Southeast Asia represented by Abdul Rahman Wahid, Amein Rais and Anwar Ibrahim are a far cry from the Islamic fundamentalist/extremist political tendencies witnessed in the Middle Eastern Muslim countries. They have constantly upheld, advocated and worked for the principles of multi-culturalism, religious pluralism, tolerance and moderation, representing the Southeast Asian face of Islamic politics.
The Thai-Lao/Isan vs. Lao languages
A dialog from the Southeast Asia discussion list, August 2000. Concerning the history of Laos-Thailand and its effect on linguistic development and cultural identity.
Jakarta to help curb deviant groups
The Straits Times, 3 November 2000. Malaysia as source of unorthodox Islam (brief).