The environmental history of the Union of Myanmar (Burma)

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Wildlife groups collude with Burma's slaughtering Junta
By David Harrison, London Cathy Scott-Clark, Adrian Levy, the Observer (London), 23 March 1997. World-renowned wildlife organisations are working with Burma's military regime on huge conservation projects on sites being cleared by the systematic slaughter of the Karen ethnic minority.
Gunboat petroleum: Burmas Unocal/Total pipeline
By Edith T. Mirante, Environmental News Network, Friday 26 April 2002. The case of Unocal and Total in Burma shows just how wrong such militarized pipeline projects can go, running counter to environmental protection and the safety of indigenous people.
Forestry monitor sounds alarm on logging in Myanmar
AFP, Terra.Wire, 8 October 2003. Myanmar's forests are being ravaged by logging fueled by voracious demand in China. “It appears that China's concern for the environment ends at the border.”