The economic circumstances of the working-class in the Union of Myanmar (Burma)

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‘Forced Labour Year’ in Burma
Anonymous, 11 May 1996. Involuntary labor used to construct tourist attractions in Myanmar. Farmers face appropriation of land and crushing fees. Widening income disparity.
Global labour group calls on Burma junta to resign, following UN's accusation of systematic use of forced labour
International Conferation of Free Trade Unions, 20 August 1998. In reaction to the ILO report on labor conditions in Myanmar, the ICFTU called on Myanmar's military junta to resign and hand over power to a democratic, civilian-led government, while at the same time urging foreign companies to disinvest from the country as long as the army remained in power.
Transcript of recorded debate of the fourth sitting
International Labour Office session unofficial transcript, Thursday 19 November 1998. Report of the Commission of Inquiry established to examine the complaint concerning the observance by Myanmar of the Forced Labour Convention, 1930 (No. 29), made by delegates to the 83rd Session (1996) of the Conference.