The culture history of the Union of Myanmar

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Good times, bad times
Manoj Kumar, The BurmaNet News, 4 September 1995. Manoj Kumar traces the riches to rags story of Indians caught up in Burma's turbulent this century. The Indian presence in Burma goes back a long way, and has been particularly striking—and troubled—this century.
Statement Regrding Recent Demonstrations in Burma
By the Muslim Liberation Organization of Burma, The BurmaNet News, 24 March 1997. The struggle of Buddhist monks against SLORC, and the SLORC fabrication of Buddhist-Moslem tension.
Restoring Burma to Health
Saritdet Marukatat, The Bangkok Post, 2 July 1998. Importance of university reconstruction to support development of a national bourgeoisie.
Pottery in the Chin Hills
By Charlotte Reith, 23 March 2000. During my research on contemporary pottery villages in Burma, I was given the name of one such village, Lente. A process of making pots with which I was totally unacquainted.
Monthly lottery fever grips Myanmar
Associated Press, Straits Times, 18 August 2000. Hundreds of thousands take an unofficial holiday for seven days as they play an illegal two-digit lottery which is based on the official version.
Myanmar university re-openings ‘a sham’
By James East, Straits Times, 23 August 2000. Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi says students were forced to promise not to get involved in politics, and have only three months of lectures.