The IT, media, and telecommunications of Myanmar

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Democracy of Internet threatens some nations. In Burma, Net access can be a path to prison. But some take the risk
By Matthew McAllester, Newsday, 21 November 1997. No one has e-mail or Internet access in Burma except for a select few business owners who are friendly with the ruling military regime.
Intelligence stations at embassies
The Bangkok Post, 30 July 1998. Burma operates a network of signals intelligence stations to spy on international telephone conversations, facsimile traffic, satellite-telephone transmissions, E-mail messages and radio broadcasts.
Burma blocks internet for fear of free speech
By Matthew Pennington, AP, Bangkok Post, 26 April 2000. While the rest of developing Asia is rushing headlong into the information technology revolution, Burma's un elected military rulers forbid cyber-space, fearing it could open up a Pandora's box of dissent.
Internet users reach over 63,000 in Myanmar in 2005
Xinhwa, The People's Daily Online, 18 April 2006. The number of internet users in Myanmar reached 63,700 as of the end of 2005, up from merely a few thousands in 2000. Myanmar has projected to add internet service centers to over 100 townships in the country during this year to facilitate communications especially in the sectors of business and education.