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 History of Southeast Asia in general
  Documents related to the Mon State (Monland)

General and political history

Xuwicha's fingerprints
From BurmaNet, 23 January, 1995. The Naresuan force in Thailand and Xuwicha's political activities. Thai foreign policy goals vis a vis Burma and the presence of refugees.
Human rights violations still a cause for concern
From Amnesty International. 22 May, 1997. Since suppression of the democracy movement in May, 1992, the human rights situation in Thailand has improved. But still of concern are: summary justice and killings by police, treatment of refugees from Myanmar, and use of capital punishment for criminals.


*#160;  1997-98 financial crisis in Asia in general
Economic Slowdown Brings Labour Tension
By Teena Amrit Gill, InterPress Service. 1 June, 1997. Last year's economic downturn has given rise to tension between labor and management. Do unions defuse the situation or are they a cause?
Temple dogs now go hungry as monks have less to give
From Reuter, in The Nation (Bangkok), November 1997. Symptom of the flagging economy.
Thailand's Road to Economic Crisis
By Kirida Bhaopichitr, in The Nation (Bangkok), December 1997. Argues that financial liberalization led to financial globalization, so that poor decisions snowballed into a major crisis. See also the financial crisis in Asia as a whole.
Foreigners eyeing repossessed luxury cars
AFP, in The Nation (Bangkok), 29 December 1997. Symptom of the effect of the financial crisis on Thailand's middle class.
Illegal workers returned to Burma
By William Barnes, in South China Morning Post (Internet Edition), 17 January 1998. Re development of Burma-dominated underground economy based on cheap labor that began to complete with regional economies. Thailand tries to expell illegal immigrant workers to preserve Thai jobs, but relations with Myanmar (Burma) are delicate.


Workers Action In Thailand/Cambodia
Reuter. 19 December, 1996. Unusual instances of labor unrest in Thailand. Management shifted a greater part of labor remuneration to bonuses which would be a "gift" and therefore not negotiable, but workers insist on negotiating, and here with some success. They see bonus cuts as pay cuts.
Sanyo warehouse up in flames
In Workers World, 2 January, 1997. Re the demo of 17 December, 1996.
Thai workers torch Sanyo plant title
From the Militant, 13 January, 1997. Brief news report.
Sweatshop Barbie: Dynamics Factory in Thailand
Based on an article in The Humanitarist, January/February, 1997. The Dynamics factory in Bangkok produces Disney toys, and employs women under terrible labor conditions.
Workers Protest Austerity In Thailand
From the Militant, 29 September, 1997. Brief news report.


Prostitution in Thailand: Facing Hard Facts
By Donald Wilson and David Henley, in Bangkok Post, 25 December, 1994. With the AIDs epidemic, Thailand is being forced to admit it has a thriving sex industry. The history of Thai prostitution.
5 Charged In NYC Brothel Case
Associated Press. 4 January, 1995. Re Thai prostitutes in New York and Japan.
Fighting Thailand's child sexual exploitation trade
From Daughters Education Program of CAPCAT. 10 January, 1997.

Culture and religion

Mission on the Mekong
From the Bangkok Post, 2 February, 1995. The story of Thai Buddhist missionaries' travel up the Meking through Laos to South China to restore Buddhism among the Tai there.

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