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The history of Kawthoolei (The Karen State)

Contemporary history of the Karen and Myanmar after the Fall of Manerplaw

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   History of Kawthoolei (Karen State) in general
ABSDF opened for GRC (1/95) training
Voice of the Peacock, March, 1995. Re KNU military training of a student guerilla force.
A Letter from a Karen in America
By Saw Aung Khin, in BurmaNet, 2 April 1995. Re Thailand's willingness to mediate between SLORC and the KNU. Writer hopes that negotiations can bring peace.
New Karen Leadership Targets Talks with SLORC
By Yindee Lertcharoenchok, in BurmaNet News, 4 September 1995. The KNU Karen Congress, August 21-31, 1995, does not challenge the leadership of General Bo Mya, long associated with an aggressive posture toward Myanmar. However, he is to purse peaceful negotiations instead. The cabinet is removed and a new central commitee is elected.
Parliamentarians call for tougher action to stop Karen genocide
From the Jubilee Campaign, 2 February 1999. Part of a campaign by overseas militant Christians to build public opinion against KNU negotiations with the Burmese government.
Burmese Soldiers Slaughter 22 Karen Villagers
From the Jubilee Campaign, 10 August 1999. More of the same militant Christian campaign as above.
More Karen civilians raped and slaughtered by Burmese soldiers
From the Jubilee Campaign, 12 August 1999. More of the same.
By Yindee Lertcharoenchok, BurmaNet News, 28 January 2000. After decades, a congress of the KNu ends the rule of General Bo (Nga) Mya. General Mya was associated with an intransigent relation with the governmetn of Myanmar, and the change in leadership intended to facilitate peace talks.
God's Army holding out at beseiged jungle camp
By Wassana Nanuam, Bangkok Post, 28 January 2000. Myanmar report that God's Army's jungle base at Kamaplaw was not over-run, but a government force had taken a Karen National Union camp at Ban Mae Phia Lek, opposite Ban Khok Mu and the Khao Chong Krachom border pass in Suan Phueng district, Ratchaburi.

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