Date: Fri, 16 Jun 1995 18:07:58 +1000
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From: (Lulu Turner)
Subject: Non-member submission - on RP women

Date: Wed, 7 Jun 1995 14:58:29 -0500
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From: (jacqueline pua de rosas/wacky guru)

On RP women

By jacqueline pua de rosas, 7 June 1995

I would like to share some thoughts I have regarding the issue of women's role in the Philippine society. I firmly disagree with one comment that women in RP are better off than those from the west (especially the USA) because they are just centuries behind those from the west. I also want to inform all other readers out there that females in the RP can become successful in any endeavor they choose to engage in as long as they have the financial & intellectual resources and they are strongly willing to achieve that goal. And, most important, women in any society can achieve whatever they want as long as society permits them to do so---women in societies with caste system are definitely restricted by the many rules but they can excel in some other ways that the caste system will allow them. Success, just like any other way of measuring anything is very subjective (it is not objective because it is just too hard to measure anything precisely the way anyone else would the second time around).

I have voiced and expressed something very vague BUT I earnestly hope that women and their role won't become too much of a concern or focus of discussions for discussions sake. I am looking forward to a time when indeed there is no more a "man" and a "woman" but just people!

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