Date: Fri, 2 May 97 19:24:16 CDT
Subject: Philippines: May 1 Message of CPP
From: Press Agency Ozgurluk <>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 21:42:16 +0200

May First Message of the Communist Party of the Philippines

From Press-Agency Ozgurluk, 2 May 1997

As the revolutionary party of the proletariat, the Communist Party of the Philippines leads the Filipino working class in joining the workers of the world in celebrating International Labor Day.

Let us celebrate the historical and current victories of the working class. Let us commemorate the arduous struggles and sacrifices that are the price of these victories. Let us renew and make more firm our resolve to wage militant class struggle against the imperialists and all their lackeys.

The crisis of the world capitalist system is rapidly worsening and is exacting a heavy toll on the broad masses of the people. The proletariat and the people are launching general strikes and other mass protest actions in more and more countries in order to resist the onslaughts of the monopoly bourgeoisie.

The main aspect of monopoly capitalism, driven by high technology and unbridled high finance, is destructive of the forces of production. In the industrial capitalist countries, including the global centers of capitalism, where investment flows are concentrated, profits are maximized by the attack on the workers' rights, wages and social benefits and by mass unemployment. The workers and the rest of the people are launching general strikes and mass protest actions in the industrial capitalist countries.

In the few countries, which depend on the secondary flow of direct investments and manufacture of consumer goods for export, the trade deficits and foreign debt burden are mounting. In countries victimized by revisionist rulers for decades, the full restoration of capitalism is has meant further destruction of national industries and unbridled profit taking from big-comprador operations. The proletariat and the people have begun to fight back.=20

In the overwhelming majority of countries, dependent on raw-material exports, the accumulated foreign debt burden is ceaselessly crushing the people, is unleashing the worst forms of oppression and exploitation, and is generating the most violent contradictions among the reactionary cliques. There are some few outstanding armed revolutionary movements and wide-scale and spontaneous resistance by the people.

The basic contradictions between the monopoly bourgeoisie and the proletariat, among the imperialist powers and between imperialism and the oppressed peoples and nations are sharpening. These contradictions carry their own distinct impulses but are interconnected and generate the conditions for the proletariat and the people to wage anti-imperialist and class resistance.

The contradiction between imperialism and oppressed peoples and nations is still the main contradiction and is the most conspicuous and intense at the moment. Extreme oppression and exploitation, combining neocolonial methods and the most backward reactionary methods, have resulted in sustained mass movements of resistance and some armed revolutionary movements led by the proletariat. The reactionaries are engaged in violence against the working people and among themselves.

There is a crying need for the workers of all countries to unite. Unity can be forged only through the building of the revolutionary parties of the proletariat under the guidance of Marxism-Leninism and through a rising revolutionary consciousness and militancy among workers in the trade union movement and in conjunction with other mass movements against imperialism and all reaction.

International gatherings of the representatives of existing parties, groups and movements on the broad political ground of anti-imperialist solidarity and on the narrower ground of ideological unity are important. They serve to clarify the road of revolution on a global scale and inspire the proletariat and people to do their revolutionary homework.

A serious revolutionary party of the proletariat strives to grasp the revolutionary essence of Marxism-Leninism, combats revisionist and other bourgeois influences within its ranks, does painstaking work among the masses and leads them in concrete struggles and prepares for or undertakes armed revolution. The historic mission of the proletariat is to overthrow the counterrevolutionary state, build socialism and cause the global defeat of imperialism and the ultimate victory of communism.

In the industrial capitalist countries, the economic and technical conditions are suitable for immediate socialist transformation of the relations of production but the proletariat here face the strongest counterrevolutionary resistance of the monopoly bourgeoisie. To make revolution here is not to simply raise economic demands within the capitalist system but to wage militant political struggles to prepare for the overthrow of the counterrevolutionary state.

In most countries of the world, there is the need to wage a new democratic revolution before the socialist revolution can be started. The demands that are raised to arouse, organize and mobilize the broad masses of the people must arise from the concrete conditions. Immediately raising demands that gloss over these concrete conditions are detrimental to the revolutionary movement.

High technology and finance capital concentrated and centralized in the imperialist countries have strategic implications and consequences to the entire world. But they do not make the problems of social and economic backwardness disappear but aggravate and deepen them in most countries. In the most developed capitalist countries, the monopoly bourgeoisie uses the high-tech means of production to cause mass unemployment. But in the countries which are not yet industrialized, the mass unemployment is generated both by the backward local conditions and by the impact of imperialism.

The Communist Party of the Philippines requires its cadres and members to follow the ideological line of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. In the distinct sphere of political struggle, it pursues the general line of new democratic revolution in order to lead the broad masses of the people and employ effectively both the armed struggle and the united front to overthrow the enemy.

The ruling system can be overthrown only as the Party and New People's Army gain the active participation and support of the broad masses of the people in fighting the imperialists and the local exploiting classes and defeating the reactionary armed forces. The united front is an instrument for ranging the broadest array of forces and the people in their millions against the enemy. It involves a structure of alliances against foreign monopoly capitalism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.

Under the leadership of the proletariat through the CPP, there are the basic alliance of the proletariat and the peasantry; the alliance of the basic revolutionary forces, including the urban petty bourgeoisie; the alliance of positive forces, including the middle bourgeoisie; and the temporary and unstable alliance with certain reactionaries at various levels in order to isolate and destroy the power of the worst reactionaries or the enemy at every given time.

It is the proletarian internationalist duty of the CPP to strengthen itself in an all-round way and to persevere in the protracted people's war and continue to win victories on the road of armed revolution. The performance of such duty is of great importance in view of the temporary defeat of the socialist cause, as a result of imperialist onslaughts, revisionist betrayal and neocolonialism.

An outstanding achievement of the Communist Party of the Philippines is that it has been able to wage armed revolution since 1969 and establish Red political power in many parts of a country under US imperialist dominance. It helps to raise the hope of mankind that the anti-imperialist and socialist movement is bound to resurge amidst the new world disorder wrought by capitalism.

Under the banner of proletarian internationalism, we must fight in common against the imperialists and reactionaries in order to fulfill the proletariat's historic mission of building socialism until communism becomes possible upon the defeat of imperialism and all reaction on a global scale.

We urge the workers of the world, the trade unions and all parties of the proletariat to bring about, together with the rest of the people, the resurgence of the anti-imperialist and socialist movement and march forward from victory to victory.


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