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Subject: Workers' Strike in magnolia-Nestle Philppines Inc. (fwd)

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Subject: Workers' Strike in magnolia-Nestle Philppines Inc.
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Kilusang Mayo Uno (May First Movement), PHILIPPINES
19 May 1997

Update on the workers' strike in Magnolia-Nestle Philippines Inc.

From Kilusang Mayo Uno (May First Movement), Philippines, 19 May 1997

Brief background:

The workers in Magnolia-Nestle plant in Aurora Blvd., Quezon City have been on strike for four months now. They put up their picketline last 13 January 1997, two days after the Nestle management dismissed from work eight union officers and two union members and suspended 200 other workers.

According to the management, the workers violated the company's code of conduct last 28-23 November 1996, when they wore armbands, pin and plackards to press the management to act on 23 grievances.

In truth, however, the Magnolia-Nestle only wants to smash the militant union in its plant; implement the anti-worker and repressive code of conduct of the Nestle Philippines Inc. and enforce its program of retrenchment and contractualization.

This also happened to the workers of Nestle Philippines in 1987, when 69 union leaders and 34 active unionists were retrenched.

As part of our support to the just struggle of our fellow workers in Magnolia-Nestle, the National Council of the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) calls for a boycott of all products of Magnolia-Nestle and Nestle Philippines Inc. (Attached is a list of all the Nestle products in the Philippines. You may use this as a reference for similar Nestle products in your country.)

Suggested Actions:

1) Discuss in our ranks the abuses (exploitation) and oppression of the Nestle management to the Filipino workers and people. Link this to the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist struggle of the Filipino working class.

2) Officers and members of unions and other organization may pass a formal resolution on the boycott of all products of Magnolia- Nestle and Nestle Philippines Inc. Reproduce copies of the resolution, distribute to members, send copies to the management and to the media.

3) Make different types of propaganda materials (leaflets, announcement, poster, and others) calling for the boycott of all Nestle products. Distribute this not only to factories but also in communities, groceries, malls and other supermarkets selling products of Magnolia-Nestle and Nestle Philippines.

4) Write letters to the editor to newspapers expressing support to the struggle of the striking workers of Magnolia-Nestle and to their boycott campaign. You can also call on radio programs.

5) Send protest letters to the Nestle management and DOLE in the following addresses:

The Chief Executive Officer
Nestle Philippines Inc.
335 Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City

The Secretary's Office
Dept. of Labor and Employment
Intramuros, Manila City

6) Visit the Magnolia-Nestle picketline. Coordinate and participate in their activities. If possible, give material support to them.

Scheduled activities:

20 May 1997, 10 a.m.-- picket at the Nestle office in Makati in 335 Gil J. Puyat Ave cor. Reposo St., Makati City.

23 May 1997, 9 a.m. -- mass at the picketline of Magnolia-Nestle

23 May 1997, 2 p.m. -- picket-rally at DOLE. Meeting place is at Manila Cathedral, 1:00 p.m.

26 May 1997, 10 a.m. -- press conference at the Cypress Cafe, Q.C. re: strike at Magnolia-Nestle and 74 other strikes under KMU-National Capital Region

26 May 1997, 1 p.m.-- forum about the strike in Magnolia-Nestle and other factories at the UCCP Chapel, EDSA, Q.C.

27 May 1997, 10 a.m. -- picket-rally in front of the Department of Labor & Employment and dialogue with the Nestle management.

Active participation of the membership to this call is highly expected. Let us not allow Nestle - one of the biggest monopoly capitalist company in the world - to oppress our ranks.

Until they give back the jobs of our fellow workers, our boycott campaign will continue.

Do inform us of solidarity actions taken in your country in support of the striking Nestle workers.

Nestle products for boycott

Magnolia-Nestle ice cream products

1. Magnolia Bestsellers:

Halo-halo Fruit Salad
Cookies and Cream Ube Macapuno
Chunky Macapuno Nutty Vanilla
Rocky Road Chocolate Marble
Double Cheese Coffee Mangosteen

2. Regular Flavors:

Mango Ube
Chocolate Super Mocha
Strawberry  Vanilla

3. Gold Label:

Double Dutch   Mangoes and Cream
Walnut Fudge Almond Cappucino
Black Forest  

4. Flavor of the Month

5. Frozen Delights:

DrumstickTwin PopsiesZoom
Pinipig Crunch  Ice Cream Cups Mega
Chocolait barNestle Crunchies   Ice Drop
Non-stop (raspberry, chocolate, ube)

Bottled Beverages:

1. Orange juice
2. Mango juice
3. Melon juice
4. Chocolait
5. Fresh milk
6. Low-fat milk
7. Mocha milk
8. Orange juice and other fruit juices in tetrabrik

Fermented products:

1. Whipping cream
2. Yogurt
3. Cottage Cheese
4. Sour Cream
5. Dunk-o-Dip

Dry ice

Milk powder:

1. Nido 8. Neslac
2. Nestle Twin 9. Nestogen
3. Lactogen 10. Nestum
4. Carnation 11. Alpine
5. Coffeemate 12. Bear brand
6. Cerelac 13. Nan
7. Milo

Maggi products:

1. Maggi Noodles 4. Maggi Cubes
2. Maggi Savor 5. Maggi Sauce
3. Maggi Panggisa 6. Maggi Spaghetti

Cereals and candies:

1. Lion King
2. Nestle Breakfast Cereals
3. Fox's Candy
4. Polo
5. Kitkat

Liquid milk:

Coffee and tea products:

1. Nescafe
2. Master Roast Coffee
3. Sunrise Coffee
4. Nestea Iced Tea