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Subject: [ibon] Economy Not Better for Most Filipinos
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Economy not better for most Filipinos

IBON media release, 4 September 2003

Majority of Filipinos believe that the Philippine economy did not improve since last year. This is according to the latest IBON Survey conducted July 14-27.

Asked to describe the state of the economy, 43.51% of the 1,457 respondents said that the economy was worse than last year's, while 42.55% said that it remained the same. Only 8.85% of the respondents said that the economy improved.

To the question What do you think will happen to our economy this year?, 74.06% of the respondents believe the economy will either stay the same or will worsen. Of the figure, 35.62% said the economy will worsen, but respondents who say it will stay the same are slightly ahead at 38.44%. Only 9.5% are positive the economy will improve this year.

Similarly, around 86% of respondents said the economy in 2003 either worsened or have stayed the same compared from last year. 43.51% said the economy has worsened while a close 42.55% said nothing has improved. Only 8.85% said the economy improved as compared six months ago.

Respondents were also asked to compare the state of their livelihood with last year. More than half or 51.27% answered their livelihood stayed the same this year while 36.44% said it worsened. A meager 9.47% noted an improvement in their livelihood though this figure was down from last year's 11.51%.

Around 61.84% however, said their family income is not enough to meet basic needs, compared to 32.74% who said their current income is enough and 2.2% whose income is more than enough.

On the issue of jobs and other livelihood opportunities, 49.28% of respondents stated there are jobs in their area but these are not enough. On the other hand, 31.71% said there are still no source of livelihood in their area compared to 15.31% who said jobs are enough in their community.

IBON conducts its non-commissioned quarterly survey to find out the people's perception of the economy, their income and livelihood, the government's performance, as well as their choice for president and vice-president, and other pressing issues.

The latest survey has a margin of error of +/-3 percent.

What can you say about our economy this year compared with last year?

 Midyear 2003Yearend 2002
Don't Know5.088.54

How was your livelihood this year compared with last year?

 Midyear 2003Yearend 2002
Don't Know2.814.42

Is your family income enough to meet your basic needs?

 Midyear 2003Yearend 2002
There are15.3118.32
There are but enough49.2835.70
Don't Know3.717.53

What do you think will happen to our economy this year?

 Midyear 2003Yearend 2002
Will improve9.548.91
Will remain the same38.4430.92
Will worsen35.6230.27
Don't Know16.4029.91