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Subject: Philippines: New Attack on Striking Sharp electronics Workers
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Fresh Attack on Striking Sharp Workers: Water cannons, goons and sexual molestation

Asia Pacific Workers Solidarity Links, Action Alert, 15 September 1999

Picketing members of Sharp Philippines Electronics Workers Union (SPEWU) were again attacked by management stooges and police last September 15, just a day after another brutal attack that injured scores of workers and union organizers. What distinguished this incident from the others were the use of water cannons and sexual molestation.

At 4 pm that day, about 60 members of the Southern Luzon Security Agency and hired goons swiftly assaulted the picketline of Sharp Philippines in Muntinlupa City, where some 100 workers were keeping watch. Employing water-cannons and steel-pipe bearing goons with devastating effect, the attackers succeeded in dispersing the stunned workers, who gallantly fought back but were eventually overwhelmed.

During the meleƩ, some security guards and goons fondled the private parts of women workers. They were practically raped in front of passersby, said one eyewitness. The high-pressure jets from water-cannons and manhandling by the attackers stripped off the blouses of some female unionists, adding to their painful and humiliating ordeal.

Some 20 policemen under the command of Col. Dimayuga of the Southern Police District merely looked on as all these were happening, refusing to lift a finger even as the women workers begged them to do something to prevent the human rights violations. They even helped the guards and goons dismantle the picketline structures, and the workers failed to identify most of them since they wore no name plates. Even their cars did not have the appropriate markings, apparently in an attempt to conceal the fact that they were cops on duty.

This has been the fourth case of harassment on the Sharp picketline since it was put up. The union has been on strike since 25 August 1999. Fifty seven (57) union members of Sharp Philippines Corporation were terminated on 23 August 1999, after the union held a two-week protest action inside the company premises to pressure the management to act on their grievances and demands.

Among the issues faced by the workers are the non-implementation of the 10% wage increase stipulated in their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), non-implementation of the P29 legislated wage increase in the year 1990, and other non-economic issues such as threat to job security.



Even as this is being written, the Sharp strikers are being pelted with rocks by company goons and guards. Some 30 women have already been hurt after being hit by rocks on the head and chest. We will send you more details as soon as complete field reports come in.

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