Democratic Association of the Youth-Philippines (SDK)

From the Democratic Association of the Youth-Philippines (SDK), 28 December 2003

C/o Sanlakas National Office
No. 150 K-6 St., East Kamias
Quezon City


A progressive youth organization in the Philippines. SDK calls for the systemic change in our society, which is controlled by ruling corporate elite. It envisions a society governed by the toiling masses and practice direct and participatory democracy.

SDK also believes that the youth must be socially responsible in using his/her intectual capacity to serve, agitate and mobilize the masses in pursuing a systemic and radical change. SDK spouses direct action in fighting for peoples demands and propagate social change.

SDK is a re-established organization which was famous in fighting for peoples rights and welfare in the late 1960's and the 70's. It is one of the leading organizations who participated in the 70's First Quarter Storm, a large student upsurge against the dictator Former President Ferdinand Marcos.